barcelona yoga conference / 3-7 july 2025


Prana Mandala Flow is a roots and evolution exploration of meditation as a way of life. We embody this circular power through movement meditation for full-spectrum embodiment and vital living. 

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit root, “manda” which means essence plus “la” as a vessel or container. In our immersion, we will embody the mandala as our very body, home, community, earth body, cosmic rhythm. 

Increased balance, embodied fluidity, creative pathways, joy of strength & flow, big picture perspective are just some of the inner and outer benefits of this practice for all levels. 

Prana Mandala Vinyasa is a yoga solar-lunar full-spectrum practice. Beginning with rhythmic syncopation with breath, movement and awareness, Prana Vinyasa founder, Shiva Rea will guide you into a solar circular flow integrating prana mandala “namaskars” or salutations with intelligent, circular sequencing for wholeness, balance and flow.  

Solar Prana mandala practices emphasize sacred strength in standing asanas, rhythmic kriyas, arm-balances and hip-opening for fertilizing your sacred ground. Lunar Prana Mandala focuses on regeneration through movement meditation, heart openers/backbends, fluid movement, and deepening breath flow.  

Highlights include:  

Enjoy 2 days of exploring, learning, and Prana Mandala Flow. 

Explore introduction to Solar and Lunar Prana  Mandala Vinyasa Yoga as a ritual practice leading to seated mandala meditation, pranayama, mudra, and mantra.  

Mornings will be more solar oriented: 

Developing whole-body awareness, tone and circulation of vital energy in a mandala pattern. We will enjoy surya namaskar variations,  solar morning meditation + solar prana mandala vinyasa sequences.  

Afternoons, we will shift into a lunar flow:  

Integrating Lunar Movement Meditations connecting the energy of the full moon; explore a meditative, lunar, flowing approach where we explore caressing stress and awakening our fluid body. Beginning with Prana Flow evolutions of Chandra Namaskar, enjoy the power of slow flow movement meditation in a circular journey of effective sequencing for heart opening backbends and mandala movement on earth.  

We end the day in Rhythm and Prana Flow – Movement Meditation for All.  

Let’s end the day in celebration.   

Who is this module & training for? 

These days are perfect for both people who want to explore their own personal practice and yoga teachers looking to expand and enliven their teaching skills.  

YACEP: 20 Contact Hours through Samudra Global School for Living Yoga or for continuing education at Yoga Alliance 



Prana Flow connects you to the healing force of nature as the elements within your own body and the power to heal, balance, transform and renew. 

Each practice follows one of the five elements offering a creative diversity to the flow of your day. Each series is an immersion into each element through movement meditation from opening mudra vinyasa, prana flow namaskars from classical roots through the elements, creative, intelligent sequencing of asanas, breath flow, meditative awareness, body mudra and ecstatic release into full relaxation. 

  • Time : 06:00 - 18:00 (UTC+0)

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